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  • Treatment Without a Financial Burden!

    Advance Treatment Center is a private agency that has helped the community for almost 30 years.Providing individualized treatment programs for people with substance use disorders, alcohol and drug addictions. Please select a language to see our full website.

  • Some of the services we provide are...

    • DUII Treatment
    • Intensive outpatient treatment
    • Anger Management intervention
    • Adolescent THC Use, Therapy
    • Marijuana Dependence Treatment
    • Substance abuse prevention

See what our customers are saying...

  • I never thought i had an alcohol problem I always thought it was a normal way to live my life. After treatment for my DUII I was able to see what my habits where evolving to and I was able change my life

    Erick | DUII Treatment Client
  • I tried to stop drinking before but it never lasted for more than a couple months now I'm able to live a sober and happy life. I’m able to manage my life better and specially my triggers. Thanks to Advance Treatment center I’m a better person, and specially my counselor who listen to me though my hard times

    David | DUII Treatment Client
  • My life change completely after treatment my cocaine and alcohol addiction was taking a toll on me and my family. For the first time in a long time I’m living a clean life, now I could attend my wife and children’s needs. I have two beautiful daughters which I adore. I’m now able be a good father to them and be someone they could be proud of. Thanks’ to my counselor and ATC, god bless you guys.

    Victor | IOP Client

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